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About us

Cluster focuses on you.

To support our local entrepreneurs we created all the necessary tools that help to improve business activity. Partnership approach and business ethics is what we care for. We approach each customer individually. We want to know whether you need legal assistance, even if you just need some changes in the records. We are interested in what you do and we offer all kind of assistance in developing your business.

Our offer is adapted to both aspiring entrepreneurs and developed business or commercial activities where dynamism and quick contact is essential. All correspondence can be quickly scanned and sent by e-mail, and if requested we can send it the same day at the address indicated.

Kluster Virtual Office forms part of Cluster Cowork Krakow, which brings together exceptional entrepreneurs. It is more than 300m2, with a conference and workshop room. We are not just some company “from the street”, we do not register companies in private homes.

Kluster Virtual Office is run by entrepreneurs who understand the needs of the market. We cooperate will great lawyers who will assist you in matters of civil law and commercial law.

We will help you fill the required by the National Court Register (Polish KRS) registration forms necessary to update the data and, also, we will trace the whole registration process. We have the experience and we are happy to help you. Our mission is to support and develop local businesses, we will do our best to improve the performance of your business.

By taking care of your cases, we protect the secrecy of correspondence and your personal information. Nobody gets access to your letters, our office is constantly monitored.

You are just starting with the registration process of a company or sole proprietorship? By registering it with us you will receive a set of guidelines and legal advice on statutory duties for novice entrepreneurs. You’re asking whether you should conclude the agreement before setting up a company? You can do it anytime, www have a solution for it.

You want to register a Ltd. company? You can rely on us. We will prepare all the documents, starting with the joint venture agreement, and then we will go through the registration process for you. We have already registered dozens of companies and we know how to do it quickly.


42/1 Grodzka Street, 31-044 Kraków

phone: +48 726 440 505 (Agnieszka)
+48 603 760 341 (Ewa)


4 Wolnego Street, 40-857 Katowice

phone: +48 530 274 431 (Karol)
phone: +48 535 274 730 (Mateusz)

Relevant institutions


Revenue Krakow – Old Town
65 Grodzka Street, 31-001 Kraków

Social Security
27 Pędzichów Street, 31-080 Kraków

District Court for Krakow – Śródmieście, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register
7 Przy Rondzie Street, 31-547 Kraków


Revenue Katowice
17 Żwirki i Wigury Street, 40-063 Katowice

District Court for Katowice-Wschód in Katowice, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
14 Lompy Street, 40-040 Katowice

Virtual Office Klaster is the minimum of beaureucracy.
The agreement may be concluded in our office or remotely in the electronic way or by post.